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“Spanning cinema to the world, beyond peripheries”

Introducing new thoughts and fresh ideas foreseeing the course of film industry, World Wide Films try to make it more transparent, accessible and universal. We choose to make cinemas which are both conceptually and visually contenting, and we look forward for an era where quality cinemas are not confined within its native.

At World Wide Films makings profits are only considered as a result not the purpose. In an industry that always looks for its financial outcome, we create Cinema which inspires, conveys and connects.

Aspiring to widen the horizon of Indian films across the world, our initial step was to release Malayalam movies in numerous theatres across GCC countries catering to more than 3.5 million Keralite audience. Coeval release of Malayalam cinema across Middle East not only touched the emotional and entertainment aspects Keralite audience, but supported the financial success of film as well. World Wide Films has pitched into Bollywood by releasing Raees in south India with the record of largest number of theatre release of a Hindi film.

Cherishing it as the first successful step towards big dream, and striving to spread our wings to the whole world drawing strength from it, We set out to project both Indian and international cinemas across Europe, America, Australia, china and Mediterranean countries. We have crossed a few milestones, and we know there exists is a long way ahead as we go along embracing our dream strong and steady…